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Because bad things happen to good people!

We at Teton Auto Credit realize that because of tightening credit policies of banks and other lending institutions, many people were not able to purchase good dependable transportation. Young people not yet established in the world of credit, older people on pensions and fixed incomes, people at one time or another had credit problems, all found it difficult or impossible to finance a vehicle through conventional means.

Through Teton Auto Credit many people have re-established their credit score while driving a good dependable vehicle. All it takes to get pre-approved is a small down payment and the ability and willingness to make low weekly payments.

Bad credit, No Credit, Bankruptcy, NO PROBLEM!

99% of the customers completing our program last year HAVE RE-ESTABLISHED THEIR CREDIT, and financed their new vehicle through a BANK!

Car Dealerships - Idaho Falls, ID - Teton Auto Credit

Car Dealers - Idaho Falls, ID - Teton Auto Credit


  • Short term financing enables you to upgrade sooner and re-establish credit quicker
  • Flexible payment schedule tailored to your pay day
  • Monthly reporting to Equifax
  • Immediate loan approval
  • Locally owned and operated


We are also serving the Rexburg, Blackfoot, Pocatello, and Jackson, WY areas. We are a BBB accredited business.

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